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Compiled by Bill Wallace
December 27, 1954
A late roundup of snow conditions in America from a picked group of local skiers
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December 27, 1954

Snow Patrol

A late roundup of snow conditions in America from a picked group of local skiers

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ROCKY MTS.: ASPEN, COLO.: There is 28 packed PO at Sun Deck and 26 at midway, with all trails good to very good. Best runs are Sun Set and Spar Gulch. Novice slope is very good. East-West highways snow free and excellent.

ARAPAHOE, COL.: Skiing is fair with some BS. 3 new PO is HP on main run, variable on slopes. Maximum base is 20 at midway.

JACKSON, WYO.: The Snow King chair lift is still not operating. 12 NS won't pack in. Teton Pass rope tow running weekends only with 26 HP and excellent skiing.

ALTA, UTAH: Excellent skiing everywhere with 4 heavy PO on 32 HB. Wildcat, with most powder, is best; Upper Germania most popular. Maximum waiting time for lift only 5-10 minutes.

SUN VALLEY, IDAHO: The snow depths are growing steadily with 18 on Baldy. Good conditions on both Baldy and Dollar. Road from Shoshone is clear.

WHITEFISH, MONT.: Skiing generally poor with lift not operating. Upper trails have 4 PO on 13 HP, 3 PO on 8 in lower area.

BANFF, ALBERTA: Prolonged mild spell continues with limited skiing on practice slope. Only the rope is open. 10-12 new snow last week melted in 50-plus temps. A good freeze and 6-12 NS is needed but not anticipated.

MIDWEST: BOYNE MT., MICH.: Area will open Dec. 26. 2 packed PO on 4 HB with crews out packing after each snowfall. Conditions are good but more snow would help.

RIB. MT., WIS.: Skiing rated as excellent following new snow. 3 NS on 8 HB. Open slopes are best.

TERRY PEAK, SO. DAK.: New powder arrived in time to make opening of double chair lift a success. 12-14 PO on 8 HB. Temps, above freezing. Light snows would make holiday conditions ideal.

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