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Saro John Riccardi
December 13, 1954
Twenty-one books for the sports lover's Christmas list, hand-picked and annotated for SI readers by Saro John Riccardi of the New York Public Library
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December 13, 1954

Sportsmen's Selection

Twenty-one books for the sports lover's Christmas list, hand-picked and annotated for SI readers by Saro John Riccardi of the New York Public Library

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Edmond H. Burke
Archery Handbook
Arco Publishing Co.
142 pages, $2
An inexpensive pictorial guide to a sport deservedly growing in popularity. Contains over 300 photographs showing technique, selection of equipment, bow and arrow making and many other facts. A wealth of illustrative material makes archery easier for the beginner. The hunting section should interest the advanced enthusiast.

Francis E. Park Jr.
Deer Hunting
A. S. Barnes and Company
90 pages, $1.75
Another in the Barnes Sports Library of inexpensive but excellent books covering fundamentals and techniques of various sports, this is written for the "city guys," or nonprofessional hunters. Highly informative regarding equipment to take and places to go. Illustrated with drawings and some photographs, and indexed.

James Ramsey Ullman
The Age of Mountaineering
J. B. Lippincott Company
352 pages, $6
A history of mountain climbing of the past century by the author of The White Tower, including every important ascent from Mont Blanc to Everest, and a chapter on the craft of mountaineering. Well illustrated and indexed, the book has an excellent reading list which should be of great value to the mountain-climbing devotee.

Grantland Rice
The Tumult and the Shouting. My Life in Sport
A. S. Barnes and Company
368, pages $5
The posthumous autobiography of a great sportswriter. The author's reminiscences carry the reader through the Golden Era of sport. There are innumerable intimate stories of famous athletes, many illustrations and a fine index. The old-timer will revel in memories; the young reader will find an enduring record of a great sports age.

Sir John Hunt
The Conquest of Everest
E. P. Dutton
300 pages, $6
The story of the thrilling climb which has captured the imagination not only of the sporting world but of all people. Every aspect of the ascent is described in this authoritative version, and the reader can follow this adventure to its climax in a day-by-day account. Contains 48 illustrations in black and white and eight in color.

Robert L. Dodd
Bobby Dodd on Football
344 pages, $5
An analysis of the game by the head football coach at Georgia Tech. The fundamentals of offensive and defensive play are outlined together with diagrams and photographs explaining and clarifying the plays. This should prove to be a particularly useful book for the player and coach as well as for the Monday morning quarterback.

Frank G. Menke
The Encyclopedia of Sports. New and revised ed.
A. S. Barnes and Company
1,018 pages, $10
Comprehensive coverage of all sports. This is a newly revised edition of a standard work of reference in the sport world, written by an authority in the field. The book includes basic rules and equipment of games covered, and is crammed with statistics, lists, diagrams, etc. An invaluable source of information. Well indexed.

John and Frankie O'Rear
The Mont Tremblant Story
A. S. Barnes and Company
96 pages, $4.50
A fascinating story of the rise of the Mont Tremblant ski area in the province of Quebec, Canada. Profusely illustrated with photographs of scenes, action, etc. A valuable book for skiers, especially those who have enjoyed the facilities of this famous spot. Included is a chapter on technique—the Mont Tremblant way.

Henry Wynmalen
Dressage. A Study of the Finer Points of Riding
A. S. Barnes and Company
280 pages, $5
Dressage, taken from the French, meaning to teach or school an animal, is a term used to indicate the advanced stage of training horses for show performance. This book is an excellent treatise on those methods and a valuable guide for the horseman. Illustrated with photographs.

Elaine T. Moore
Winning Your Spurs
Little, Brown and Company
124 pages, $4.75
Here is the know-how of horsemanship and showmanship—for the aspiring as well as the experienced rider. The book is beautifully illustrated with drawings by Paul Brown, eminent delineator of horses, and it contains a thorough glossary of equitation terminology. A valuable guide for the horse show enthusiast and rider.

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