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December 06, 1954
GLAMOUR DUCK Sirs:I am a duck hunter and greatly admire your cover on the Nov. 15 issue. Would it be possible to buy a copy of the print suitable for framing. Usually it is the mallard or pintail that is glamourized, that is why I enjoy seeing a picture of the lowly spoonbill.CECIL V. BRIONES San Francisco
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December 06, 1954

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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?David Belford West, Colgate '21 and presently a trustee, was an All-America tackle 1916 and '19, All-Service '17, and one of George Trevor's All-Time All-Americans between 1919 and 1929. He is the owner of an industrial and marine equipment concern. Dr. Joseph Alexander, the second physician to be dedicated to the Hall of Fame this month (see 19TH HOLE, Nov. 29), a Syracuse Great, was also named (as guard) to Trevor's All-Time team, despite the fact that his medical studies prevented him from practicing with the team. During his internship Alexander played for the Rochester Jeffersons, a wandering pro outfit. In 1925, he became player-assistant coach of the New York Giants and a year later player head coach. In 1927 he played his last five games: the regular center was taking his bar examinations.?ED.

Regarding your Sob of the Week in Nov. 15 SOUNDTRACK section.

Give Central State College six more points!

Rule 4, Section 1, Article 1 of the 1954 Official Rules states that "A dead ball becomes a live ball when it is snapped or free kicked, legally or illegally."

Also paragraph 26 of the Question and Answers of the 1954 Football Rules, edited by K. C. Krieger, has this to say about such a play: "The ball is in play whether put in play legally or illegally, and Team B (in this case Central State College) may accept or decline the penalty when the ball becomes dead."

Central State would have declined the penalty and taken the play, the touchdown, and six big points. Of course, the point after the touchdown cannot be assumed.

Being an official I can understand how a brother official could slip up on a rule and its interpretation. Sometimes I think we are overburdened with them and one needs to be a lawyer to have all the answers.
Warren, Ohio

?Like we always say, to err is human.?ED.

Could SI, in its brash, youthful ignorance, possibly be drawing an unfavorable comparison between Buddy Parker, who has won two divisional championships in three attempts (with a chance to make it three in four) and the greatest perfectionist in football history, Paul Brown, who has won eight in eight (with a chance to make it nine in nine)?

This borders on sacrilege and I'll wager writer Tommy Devine prefers Spillane to Dickens....

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