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December 06, 1954
GLAMOUR DUCK Sirs:I am a duck hunter and greatly admire your cover on the Nov. 15 issue. Would it be possible to buy a copy of the print suitable for framing. Usually it is the mallard or pintail that is glamourized, that is why I enjoy seeing a picture of the lowly spoonbill.CECIL V. BRIONES San Francisco
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December 06, 1954

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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The membership holds meetings which are called from time to time and if you should ever be in the area and would like to attend such a meeting, we could arrange to call one at the drop of a line.

Again our sincere thanks for further spreading the gospel of the Rock and its athletic tradition.
PRES., et al.
Flint, Mich.

?None of the members of this sporting organization attended Slippery Rock. The club came into existence three years ago when Riker and two friends, deciding that football was too much of a good thing in Michigan, adopted Slippery Rock as a symbol of football for fun. The members have a deep admiration and affection for the college, attend homecoming games and donate an annual award to the outstanding senior. New Honorary Member Bob Creamer will take his duties seriously: he returned from Slippery Rock a confirmed and inspired Booster.?ED.

I am very curious to know the reason why Slippery Rock has become "a password to humor in college football."

In Ann Arbor the football fans wait anxiously for the Slippery Rock score?then cheer lustily if S.R. is doing okay.

But how did this get started?
Ann Arbor, Mich.

?Our authority on Slippery Rock conjectures as follows: "The name Slippery Rock is no funnier per se than, say Duke, but to sophisticated fans there is something incongruous to seeing the Slippery Rock-Clarion State score listed with Notre Dame-USC or Georgia-Alabama. Personally I don't think it's funny."?ED.

After reading your article on Slippery Rock State Teachers College, I write to you for information concerning this school. If you have time, I would like to have all the information concerning tuition, fees, books, etc. and an account of the football team and, if any, the rules one should know before trying to compete for the team. As you might know, the rules here in Alabama are dominated by the SEC standard.

I have a great desire to study at a place, as you have described Slippery Rock. I feel that some of the players at Slippery Rock play ball for fun. Here it is no longer a sport!...
St. Bernard's College
St. Bernard, Alabama

? SI suggests a letter to the Registrar, Pennsylvania State Teachers College, Slippery Rock, Pa.?ED.

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