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November 29, 1954
THE HOUSE IS YOURS Sirs:Any time Staffers Robert Creamer and Jerry Cooke want to come for dinner, they are welcome! That's the least I can offer the two gentlemen who so accurately portrayed Slippery Rock in SI, Nov. 15 issue.
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November 29, 1954

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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In regards to Philip Potter's letter (19TH HOLE, NOV. 8) I thought you might like to pass on to him the whereabouts of Chick Gandil of the old White Sox.

He is living in Oakland, California, where, although still using the same name, almost none of his friends are aware of his past.

SI is great. Keep up the good work.
Berkeley, Calif .

?Suspended by Judge Landis from baseball for life, Gandil became a plumber in Los Angeles while his wife ran a beauty parlor. Gandil is now 67, has two great-grandchildren, likes to play cards and is not at all reticent about his past. He is bitter over the "dirty deal" he received. "If we had lost four straight like Cleveland did in the last Series," says Gandil, "they would have hanged us." He is no longer interested in baseball and does not even watch it on television.?ED.

Just finished reading Phinizy's piece on the balloon ascension (SI, Nov. 1) and thought it a very neat job. But one feature puzzled me. He didn't mention how he managed to bring his camera through the to-do. Isn't a photographer supposed to crash shielding his camera with his carcass?

?"If that's what a photographer is supposed to do," says Phinizy. "I'm glad I'm a writer." SI's Coles Phinizy attributes his camera's survival to having tucked it inadvertently into his windjacket. After crashing, he found it sitting on his face.?ED.

I am writing you in my capacity as President of the Masters of Foxhounds Association of America with respect to the article by Mr. Edmund Gilligan you carried Oct. 25, under the heading, The Foxes That Never Eat Pheasants.

Our Association is composed of 108 recognized and registered clubs and private owners of packs of foxhounds throughout the United States and Canada. Our individual membership, composed of the Masters of these various packs and former Masters, numbers 343....

Needless to say, Mr. Gilligan's article created a very unfavorable impression upon the members of our organization, none of whom, I am confident, could feel that he gave a fair?or anything like a fair?picture of the fox-pheasant relationship as it truly exists. We have personally made a study of this over an extended period and I can safely say that most of our members have had a vastly greater experience in this field than Mr. Gilligan....

Our own experience points to an entirely different conclusion and we feel that the other side of the case at least deserves an equally fair presentation to your public...
Masters of Foxhounds
Association of America

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