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November 22, 1954
Here for SI readers is a complete and authentic scouting report on the favorite?powerful Army
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November 22, 1954

Scouting Reports On Army-navy?save For Use Saturday, Nov. 27

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RALPH CHESNAUSKAS, guard: Big and rough. Middle guard in five-man line. A little short on speed.

PAT McCOOL, tackle: Stands out as blocker. Keeps feet well. Plays off line on defense and charges across hard, but recovers very quickly.

JOHN HOPKINS , tackle: Replaces McCool. Fair blocker who reacts well.

JIM ROYER, tackle: Can be blocked. Notre Dame and Duke gained most of their yardage through his side. Good blocker on offense.

BOB DAVIS , center: Backs up right side but can be blocked. Has been hurt.

LEN BENZI, guard: Quick. Plays off line, hits high, slides with qb. Must keep feet when blocking him.

ALEX ARONIS, guard: Backs up left side. Aggressive. Does good job. Pulls out of line well on option plays around end.


Anchors Aweigh

Stand, Navy, down the field
Sail set to the sky!
We'll never change our course
So Army, you steer shy-y-y-y!
Roll up the score, Navy
Anchors, aweigh!
Sail, Navy, down the field,
And sink the Army! Sink the Army Grey.

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