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November 22, 1954
Here for SI readers is a complete and authentic scouting report on the favorite?powerful Army
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November 22, 1954

Scouting Reports On Army-navy?save For Use Saturday, Nov. 27

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Here for SI readers is a complete and authentic scouting report on the favorite?powerful Army

Army is not only well coached and well drilled, but it is also explosive. Although the team has run up its largest scores against Ivy League schools, it has shown this same scoring ability against stronger teams in Duke and Michigan.

Defensively Army is not strong in line backers. The pass defense is adequate. Army backs often fall into a semi-zone defense for opponent's passes and sometimes there are slips. The line, like most Army lines, is tough and strong. The whole team tackles hard and low.

Army has great team speed and plays hard, aggressive football. What cannot be overemphasized is the running ability of the Army backs and the over-all team effort. This is a team that gets off the mark fast, hits hard and goes all the way once it gets its hands on the ball. The strongest single feature is Army's consistent ability to move the ball. Specifically the team breaks down like this:

The Ends: Offensively they use the four-point stance, a shoulder block on opposing tackles. Man to man blocking predominates. Favorite pass patterns are deep criss-crosses, hooks and quick tosses over center. Defensively they have varied style. Generally they take one step, hold and react to play. Charge hard only occasionally.

The Tackles: Offensively they use four-point stance, and employ straight ahead or cross block on ends. Use fast offensive charge and get to their man fast. Defensively tackles vary their position, depending on split of offensive tackles. They pursue fast, recover quickly.

The Guards: Offensively use three-point stance. Pull out often to trap and lead play deep around ends. Use peel blocking downfield. In line, drive hard, aim block at the leg or the side. Defensively all use hand charge and react quickly.

The Centers: Offensively use two-hand snap, weight well forward and follow with diving lunge. Defensively they back up the line.

The Backs: All halfbacks are dangerous, hitting top speed in second stride. Quarterback and fullback excellent. Defensively backs come up fast on end sweeps, drop deep in pass situations and often utilize zone. As a unit they contain play very well.

General: They break huddle fast and get down at once. They sometimes run on quick snap. They use aggressive blocking to protect passer but on short passes they all fire out. Line makes quick contact on offense and quick pursuit on defense. Team is strong and tough.

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