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November 22, 1954
RETIRED TO CROSLEY FIELD Sirs:Note:?publication (SI, Nov. 1) of F.P.A.'s lines on Tinker to Evers to Chance prompted the following versified rejoinder from a retired English professor who is an ardent supporter of the Cincinnati Redlegs:
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November 22, 1954

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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?According to Veterinarian O'Day, who bought the Angel from the farmer, the negligent party was the horse's original owner, who abandoned him. No charges were ever filed.?ED.

Atticus, columnist for the London Sunday Times, comes up with some interesting information regarding the defection of the two Rumanian jockeys which was omitted from SI's Nov. 1 report on an Iron Curtain Race Day when he writes:

"The main event of the first afternoon at the International Race Meeting at the Hoppegarten in East Berlin, Sept. 29-30, was the Stalingrad Stakes.

"At the briefing of the jockeys before the race, it was explained quite clearly that the Russians were to win and there was, therefore, horror in the judges' box when Cucu, on a Rumanian horse, clocked in an easy first.

"Worse was to come. The orchestra had the Soviet anthem set up on their music stands and there was an embarrassing delay before scores of the Rumanian national anthem could be distributed. But saboteurs had been at work, and what finally emerged were the rousing strains of the old anthem of the Rumanian royal family.

"The trainer of the winning horse was hauled up before the race committee and officially rebuked. Next came Cucu, who stoutly maintained that he had practically pulled his horse's head off and that if there was any political deviation it was the horse's and not his.

"But the hubbub continued and, fearing the worst, Cucu, with another famous Rumanian jockey, Jon Pal, waited till after the last race and then fled to West Berlin."
New York

We are subscribers to SI and think the magazine covers sports quite adequately?your photography is exceptional.

I happened to notice my husband's photograph above the child's bed in SI, Oct. 28?it is such a clever scene that I would love to have a larger copy to frame for my own little boy's room. Would it be possible for you to have a print made up for me?
Dothan, Ala.

?A print of Kansas City's remarkably successful supplicant (see cut) goes to the Rosen family, with SI's best wishes to slugging Third Baseman Al.?ED.

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