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Duane Decker
October 25, 1954
He built a better gun-rest and got some rich results
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October 25, 1954

Inventor With A Lazy Streak

He built a better gun-rest and got some rich results

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The Kleen-Tote turned out to be only the first of six patents, all tied up with guns and pistols, that Herman applied for and got. Six out of six, in the patent world, may be some kind of a record. The retail prices on Herman's products aren't cheap but the craftsmanship is all of the old school—handsome, sturdy and nonassembly line.

Whether he makes millions before he's 30 remains to be seen. But if, in the next few weeks, the Pentagon decides that the Army needs the self-storing cleaning rod (and several other Pribis inventions now under consideration) Herman will be well on his way to that first million, which is supposed to be the hardest one to get your mitts on.

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