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October 11, 1954
OLDEST CHAMPION Sirs:Frank Erne is dead at 79 (SCOREBOARD, Sept. 27). He was the oldest living of the former boxing champions. Erne, born Jan. 8, 1875, was the only Switzerland-born ringman ever to win a world's pugilistic title. The late Saginaw Kid, Georgie Lavigne, lost his championship to Erne in 20 rounds, July 3, 1899, at Buffalo, N.Y. On May 12, 1902, "The Old Master," the Philadelphia (not Baltimore) born Joe Gans, won the diadem by knocking out Erne in 45 seconds. It marked the quickest knockout ever recorded in a championship fight in any division. It was an ironic defeat for Erne because in 1900 he won in 12 rounds from Gans who simply quit when the going became too tough.
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October 11, 1954

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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Congratulations again on the magazine. It is sensational and so pleasant and engaging to read.
New York

?To those who know Corny Shields as one of the great sailors of all time (North American sailing champion) SI is glad to report success in an old hobby (see cut); Shields, for 12 years an indifferent golfer, recently posted his first hole in one at the Winged Foot ( New York) Golf Club. To Corny himself, a special pat on the back.?ED.

I would like to clarify the emergency directions outlined for snake bite in your "You Should Know" article in the September 20th issue of SI.

The article states that a tourniquet should be used. This procedure is incorrect. Instead, a constrictor should be applied. This can be a string or a handkerchief and it should be tied about 1?" above the wound. The purpose of this constrictor is to stop the flow in the lymph vessels which lie just below the skin. It should be tied just tight enough to dent the skin. This string is not a tourniquet, nor should a tourniquet be used. Blood flow should not be stopped.
District Forest Ranger
Davy Crockett National Forest
Groveton, Texas

?Ranger McElroy is on the right track on methodology, lost on nomenclature. "...A tourniquet should be applied at once...tightly enough to increase venous congestion and impede lymphatic drainage but not so tightly as to cut off arterial blood supply," says Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine.?ED.

Upon my return from a trip through the Northwest, I found the first four issues of SI.

In FISHERMAN'S CALENDAR in the third issue, you referred to the Steel Head fishing on the Gravel Bar on the Columbia River near Longview, Washington, with a cherry bobber.

I was there apparently at the time your article was being written.

It is real sport but you have to get out there early because that is anybody's Gravel Bar. If you want to get enough room to throw that cherry bobber out in the river, you have to be there by 5:30 when they are hitting....
San Antonio

Apropos your picture (SI, Sept. 20) showing the 1954 Junior Wightman Team, you may be interested to learn that Judy Devlin is the world's champion ladies singles and ladies doubles badminton player. She won both titles at the All England Badminton Championships in London this spring and then returned to the United States to win both the singles and doubles national championships at Niagara Falls. She also currently holds the national junior singles title. She shares the All England and the senior U.S. doubles championships with her sister, Susan. Incidentally, their father, J. Frank Devlin, is considered one of England's greatest badminton players, having won many All England titles in the past.

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