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The Question: Are today's baseball players sissies compared to the old-timers? (Asked of members of the Baseball Hall of Fame)
Jimmy Jemail
September 06, 1954
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September 06, 1954

The Question: Are Today's Baseball Players Sissies Compared To The Old-timers? (asked Of Members Of The Baseball Hall Of Fame)

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"It's tough to say who are the tougher. Night games and the rabbit ball have changed everything. The managers seldom play for one run. And the players swing from the end of the bat. But baseball is a nicer game today. They meet you at the train and drive you to the park. TV has them hamming. But we got more fun out of the game."


"Certainly. Our player limit was 15. We had to play every game. Now every ball club has at least 25 players and the managers use the double platoon system. We had three or four pitchers. Now they have 10. I pitched 66 full games in one season, won 40 and saved 12. They paid me $2,800. What would they pay me today?"

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