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Jimmy Cannon
September 06, 1954
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September 06, 1954

Column Of The Week

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"I don't need money," answered Tiger Louis. "I got all the money in Tennessee. I'm on my way."

We were eating dinner in the kitchen of the cottage on the edge of the airport where Marciano lives as he trains to fight Ezzard Charles Sept. 15. Marciano got up and demonstrated how Louis arrived. He went outside and closed the door behind him and then flung it open. He stood there with his right hand raised dramatically.

"Hiya, Rocky," Marciano said. "Hiya, champ. He walked right in and put his hand out. I said who are you? He said, Rocky, I'm Tiger Louis. I'm ready to box."

The Tiger is paunchy and unmarked, but he is an agreeable fellow and states his admiration for Marciano in endless tributes. He is living with the sparring partners and spends his time trying to get Marciano to pose with him when the hotel photographer drops by.

Charlie Goldman, Marciano's trainer, decided to put Louis in with Joe Gannon who works with the champion.

"The Tiger was game," said Al Colombo, who is Marciano's friend. "He threw a lot of punches but Joe rattled combinations off his chin. He's not going to box with Rocky."

The Tiger came to the house to get Marciano to autograph his collection of photographs.

"Rocky is liable to kill you," I said.

"It would be a pleasure to be killed by him," Louis said.

"Who'd you fight?" I asked.

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