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Furman Bisher
January 03, 1955
For 87 Years the South's Standard Newspaper
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January 03, 1955

The Atlanta Constitution

For 87 Years the South's Standard Newspaper

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Sports Editor Furman Bisher reports on Light Heavyweight Champion Archie Moore's determined campaign to get a fight with Rocky Marciano and wonders if the IBC is waiting for 38-year-old Archie to grow old

I hope Archie Moore was tuned in Wednesday night. They were talking about him on television after Bobo Olson, the Hawaiian, had fricasseed that Frenchman, unlucky Pierre Langlois. Archie, who's dying for a fight, would have loved it.

The way it happened, Olson was discussing ring matters with Russ Hodges, the voice of the hops. Russ was trying to convince Bobo that he'd just had a pretty tough fight, and Bobo wasn't buying any of that nonsense.

"He's a good boy," said Olson, in the manner of a father patting a small child on the head. "He's a good hitter but he's pretty awkward."

Then Hodges requested some notion of his future plans. "Do you plan to move up into a heavier division?"

"Well," welled Olson, "I might. I'd be interested in fighting somebody like Archie Moore...whatever my manager thinks I should do."

That isn't exactly what Moore's got in mind, but he's the kind of guy who appreciates any sort of mention these days. Moore's attempting to buck the syndicate that runs boxing. He wants a fight with Rocky Marciano. The syndicate is making no move to match them. Moore, meanwhile, writes more regularly than most mothers, each letter driving home another reason he should have a bout with Marciano.

The other day he came up with the stunning idea of a double-header. He'd fight both Don Cockell, the British fat boy, and Nino Valdes, the Cuban, on the same card. The reason he'd make so vigorous an offer is the IBC has indicated at times that these two heavyweights were ahead of Moore in the line to get at Marciano.

From his 1115 Monroe St. address in Toledo then came a new gimmick. There was this letter from Moore with four blanks:

"Number of men on your staff——"

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