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May 23, 1955
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May 23, 1955

The Wonderful World Of Sport

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Desperation slide by Bill Virdon, St. Louis Cardinal outfielder, fails to evade tag by Ray Katt, New York Giant catcher. Virdon attempted to score from first on Musial's double, but Alvin Dark relayed Willie Mays's throw in time.

Forceout on Phillie Second Baseman Bobby Morgan is made by Catcher Bill Sarni of Cardinals. With the bases loaded, Phillie Outfielder Del Ennis grounded to Shortstop Alex Grammas, who made backhand stop and threw to Sarni. Catcher quickly yanked his foot away to avoid being spiked.

Head-first slide by Andy Pafko of the Milwaukee Braves is frustrated by young Catcher Jack Shepard of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Inexperienced rookie First Baseman J. W. Porter of the Detroit Tigers interferes with Catcher Bob Wilson. Both players went after pop-up hit by Hank Bauer of the New York Yankees, and Porter, normally an outfielder, actually made the catch.


By the end of the week the World's Champion New York Giants had won only 15 games, had lost 13. Newspaper stories said Manager Leo Durocher was feuding with Club Owner Horace Stoneham. Perhaps the stories were true; perhaps they were not (Durocher denied them). But one thing was obvious: the most controversial figure in baseball was back in his accustomed position, squarely on the spot. As these pictures indicate, Leo Durocher's course—like that of true love—has never been a smooth one. But there was more to the small-town Durocher boy than the '20s "zoot suit" he wore to Atlanta, just as there is more to the "dandy little manager" than his won-and-lost record.

Batting stance fooled nobody when Durocher came up to Yankees from Hartford in 1925. A good glove man, Leo's lifetime batting average is a puny .247.

Asnappy dresser, Durocher looked "sharp" even when taking train for the minors at Atlanta.

A pro at pool, Leo wangled invitation to play in World Pocket Billiard Championships in 1929.

Fond of cards, Leo played with Dizzy Dean (left) and Lon Warneke (center) of Cardinal Gashouse Gang.

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