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May 23, 1955
WE UNDER-1,500-CC UNDERDOGS Sirs: Yesterday when I was having my Porsche worked over at Ecurie Von Neumann, the talk was of the Mille Miglia. It was lamented that only the big car results were known and the standings of the under-1,500-cc class wouldn't likely be forthcoming until later in the month. What should appear but your May 9th issue with a splendid and detailed account of the race and a complete tally of the results for all classes.
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May 23, 1955

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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We loyal Cardinal fans, our hopes pinned on Stanky to bring St. Louis a new supply of pennants, will concede Feller and Score second place.
South Bend

?Diz pitched a three-hitter, not a one-hitter, and it was against the Dodgers. That leaves one pitching masterpiece, plus Dizzy's deathless quote ("If I'da knowed you was gonna pitch a no-hitter, I'da th'owed one myself."). Bob Creamer repeats his question: who can remember another double-header with two such remarkable pitching performances?—ED.

H. Allen Smith's entertaining and informative May 9 article Gone Are the Days of the Gallus-Snapping Rube prompts me to offer this idea: let's have an annual ball game between the Country Boys and the City Boys in both leagues. This game, as far as I know, would be the only occasion in which players from both leagues are intermingled. Teammate would play against teammate, yet there would be a CAUSE to play for. The Country Boys must come from communities of less than 2,000, and the City Boys from 100,000 and over. Here is my suggestion for a line-up.

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Country Slaughter would serve as non-playing captain of the Country Boys. (His nickname qualifies him although his home town—Roxboro, N.C.—has a population of 4,321.)

Phil Rizzuto can captain the City Boys because he wears suede shoes.
Stovall (pop. 410), N.C.

I have just been reading E & D's comments (SI, April 25) on the return of the Egyptian house dog. Since reading the story, I have seen Connie on Dave Garroway's show and have to admit that the dog bears a strong resemblance to our dog Ralph. We have never fooled ourselves that Ralph was anything more than a purebred mongrel. However, his many friends here, who think him pretty special, feel there is some hope of establishing a definite category for his breed. His ancestry is a mystery because he moved in, leaving a neighbor's lodging in favor of ours. Since we felt we had committed a slight case of dognaping, we never discussed his background with the neighbors in question. However, his beauty is evidence that he came from good stock, whatever it may be. Like Mr. Heering, we have hoped to find a female facsimile and start a new breed called Ralphs. He and Connie are alike in every respect.
White Sulphur Springs

?Too alike, unfortunately. Connie, despite the girlish lilt of the name, is also a male.—ED.

As a crow fancier of sorts—my talking, skiing pet, Old Crow, has beguiled me, movie audiences, TV fans, ski patrols, and the mahouts of a corn-squeezin' foundry—I found your report on the Baltimore slaughter horrifying (EVENTS & DISCOVERIES, SI, April 4).

Hunting crows is one thing, and as practiced by my neighbors of the Litchfield Crow Hunt it is a friendly sport. Relax in a field frequented by the black-feathered smarties; shoot one old crow; drink one; shoot one, drink one, and so on. There is a mellow perfection to the marksman who stays on target after a day on a regimen like this.

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