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The Question: A baseball axiom is that the team leading the league on July 4 goes on to win the pennant. Will that hold true this year?
Jimmy Jemail
July 04, 1955
ROBERT SHERWOOD, New York Author and playwright"The Dodgers will be on top July 4 and will win the pennant. The Yankees may be on top but won't win. I've been a rabid Yankee fan since childhood when they were known as the Highlanders. I don't like to predict misfortune for them, but they haven't got the pitching."
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July 04, 1955

The Question: A Baseball Axiom Is That The Team Leading The League On July 4 Goes On To Win The Pennant. Will That Hold True This Year?

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"Yes. Brooklyn can't be stopped. The sluggers are at their peak and the pitching staff is the best in the league. In the American League, the Yankees, Cleveland Indians and Chicago White Sox can be on top July 4. Any of these teams has the potential to win. July 4 should tell the story."

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