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JIMMY JEMAIL ASKS: President Eisenhower, at an extraordinary luncheon recently, expressed his concern about the lack of participation in sports by American youth. How would you remedy this?
Jimmy Jemail
August 15, 1955
AVERY BRUNDAGE President International Olympic Committee "Physical education is as important as mental education. Provide physical education leadership emphasizing participation, not spectator sports. Return to amateur principles. Take educational institutions out of entertainment. Begin by abolishing gate receipts from educational sports events."
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August 15, 1955

Jimmy Jemail Asks: President Eisenhower, At An Extraordinary Luncheon Recently, Expressed His Concern About The Lack Of Participation In Sports By American Youth. How Would You Remedy This?

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Dunlop Tire Co.
"A youngster is no better than the teaching given him and the example set by his parents. You are what you are and I am what I am because of what our mothers and fathers taught us. I have two boys of my own. They are not DiMaggios, however I encourage them in every way, in every sport. I believe that's the key to our problem."

Hotbox conductor and 9-letter man at Brown University
"Boys must have an incentive. Mere sports participation is not enough. I grew up fighting for a few privileges, just as many of them are doing today. There must be a compelling reason for sports participation, not the mere admonition to 'get off the streets or you'll get into trouble.' When I was 10 years old, I read my first nickel novel. I'll never forget it. The title: From Newsboy to Midshipman. The hero was a good athlete. Athletics gave him contacts with people, some of them influential. Through these contacts he was able to get an appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy. After reading that nickel novel, I lost no chance to compete in all kinds of sports. And I made influential friends. They helped me get an appointment to the Naval Academy, where I stayed for two years before resigning to go to Brown University.

"Sports must be made attractive to promote mass participation. That can be done in a number of ways—hero worship, competition between teams, the desire to excel, the chance of getting a college scholarship, appeal to personal pride, school spirit, community spirit, etc."

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