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Sidney L. James
August 15, 1955
It sometimes seems that sports is a performance especially designed for photography. Certainly the spectator rarely sees sports as vividly as the camera, and never in the same richness of detail. The skillful photographer is able to freeze the split second of furious action into patterns that escape the eye completely while the action is taking place.
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August 15, 1955

New Patterns Of Sport

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Fury and Finesse are depicted, respectively, by the charging bull and the Mexican matador Carlos Vera before finale of the bull ring drama.

A happy landing of two jumpers dramatizes beauty of the steeplechase.

Stance and timing of Stan Musial of St. Louis Cardinals, one of baseball's greatest hitters, are here demonstrated as he coils, shifts weight, swings and connects.

A Remington painting of the Old West is suggested by the camera's composition of furious rodeo action with the clawing hoofs of wild horses scattering the cowhands.

Woodland tapestry is created by wild turkey, hunter and green forest.

Geometric design emerges from hockey action and a goalie's great save.

Setting for tragedy is this scene at the start of the 24-hour sports car race at Le Mans, France, where this year 82 persons were killed as car plunged into crowd.

Streaking beauty of the plunging greyhounds, born and bred to run, is enhanced by a jewellike string of lights overhead and the golden cast of the track's packed silt.

Noiseless world is the domain of the sailplane, free rider of air currents.

Explosive violence of this photograph of first Marciano-Charles match made Jack Dempsey exclaim: "The only way to get closer to a fight than this is to be in it!"

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