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Sidney L. James
August 15, 1955
It sometimes seems that sports is a performance especially designed for photography. Certainly the spectator rarely sees sports as vividly as the camera, and never in the same richness of detail. The skillful photographer is able to freeze the split second of furious action into patterns that escape the eye completely while the action is taking place.
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August 15, 1955

New Patterns Of Sport

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High aspiration is denied as Pole Vaulter Bob Owen knocks down crossbar.

Elegance of tennis is symbolized by ivied Wimbledon's sacred lawns.

Peacocks of sport are the jockeys, who wear their dazzling crazy quilts of color primarily to identify their stables but, in the process, create a striking race track picture.

Camera illusion makes bicycle riders in race at the British Empire Games appear to be standing still while spectators seated in the grandstand seem to be flying by.

Picture of perfection is captured in superb dive of Pat McCormick.

Dream of flying is man's fondest, and to this skier, etched against the brilliant blue of a winter sky in Oregon, it is, for one click of a camera, a dream come true.

Jumping giants of professional basketball strike their tableaulike attitudes.

Time stands still for fishermen lucky enough to find paradise like this inlet of a wilderness bay in Wisconsin.

Feel of summer is perfectly conveyed by billowing sails and the blue water and a sky filled with drifting, cotton-candy clouds.

Action of autumn is found in this close-up of hard-charging football that is duplicated in other jam-packed stadiums, on other Saturdays, throughout the nation.

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