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The Question: What tennis player gave you your toughest match?
Jimmy Jemail
August 29, 1955
HELEN JACOBS, New York U.S. and Wimbledon champion"Hilda Krahwinkel Sperling in the 1936 Wimbledon. Neither of us had won that title and we battled for three hours. The match meant so much to us that at its conclusion we were too winded to speak when we met at the net. All we could do was shake hands and smile in understanding."
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August 29, 1955

The Question: What Tennis Player Gave You Your Toughest Match?

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KEN ROSEWALL, Sydney, Australia
Australian champion
"All of them. When you play the top two or three in the world, you're really bushed at the end. Perhaps my toughest match was against Davidson, the Swedish player, in the American tournament at Forest Hills in 1953. But the best player I've ever encountered was Sedgman."

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