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Compiled by ED ZERN
October 03, 1955
SO—season opened (or opens); SC—season closed (or closes).C—clear water; D—water dirty or roily; M—water muddy.N—water at normal height; SH—slightly high; H—high; VH—very high; L—low; R—rising; F—falling.WT50—water temperature 50�.FG—fishing good; FF—fishing fair; FP—fishing poor.OG—outlook good; OF—outlook fair; OP—outlook poor.
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October 03, 1955

Fisherman's Calendar

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ATLANTIC SALMON: NEW BRUNSWICK: SC Sept. 30 on St. John and Nashwaak rivers, but OG for late-closing Cains and Tabusintac rivers, where late runs are reported to be heavy. Rains are needed to produce top fishing, but, in general, outlook is good.


BLACK BASS: MISSOURI: Black River C, L, most fishermen limiting, with fish averaging 1� pounds, popping bugs best lure, OVG. Current River N, C, FG with plugs. OG.

TENNESSEE: "Anybody lives near Tennessee and doesn't fish here, he's crazy," says enthusiastic spy, reporting 9�-pound bigmouth from Center Hill Reservoir (by noncrazy Malcolm Jones, Old Hickory, Tenn.), 6�-pound smallmouth from same water (by Asa Fox, Cookville, Tenn., who took 14-pound walleye same day). At Kentucky Lake, cooling surface waters and lower level have resulted in improved fishing, with several smallmouths in 5-pound class reported last week and OG. And at Fort Loudoun Lake last week, Larry Hobbs's dog perked up ears at splashing noise near docks, went to investigate, came back with 8�-pound smallmouth retrieved from shallows, plus 2-pound shad stuck in bass's throat. Watts Bar and Norris lakes improving and OF/G.

MINNESOTA: Largemouth bass are hitting hungrily in Spider Lake ( Grand Rapids), Bass and Boulder lakes (Park Rapids) and Maple Lake ( Alexandria). Smallmouth active in Basswood Lake at Ely and in Mississippi River from town of Elk River down to and within Minneapolis city limits.

FLORIDA: In central part of state Lake Lowry near Haines City is producing well on plugs and artificial eels, fished deep. In NW Florida, Lakes Jackson and Talquin report FG with top-water plugs. It goes to show you.

MICHIGAN: Smallmouth bass fishing is excellent in most waters of state, but spy says anglers unable to concentrate on casting as flocks of teal fly overhead and migratory bird SO Oct. 1.

PENNSYLVANIA: FVG in most central Pennsylvania waters, with best spots near Turnpike Bridge on Susquehanna, at Camp Hill on the Conodoquinet and at Newport on the Juniata. Smaller streams were H, SD last week but should be clear now; biggest fish were taken on "stonerollers" and hellgrammites, but medium-deep plugs should do well in river eddies.

BLUEFISH: MASSACHUSETTS: Blues to 9 pounds were almost everywhere on south side of Cape and were taking trolled feathers greedily. FG at Martha's Vineyard, with Squibnocket and Chappaquiddick beaches hottest spots.

NEW JERSEY: Offshore fishing was still very good last week for mixed weights (1� to 6 pounds) on the Shrewsbury Rocks and 17-Fathom Bank off the north Jersey coast, and outlook is good for next 10 days. Surf fishing was good last week on the stretch from Ortley Beach through Island Beach, with most of surf-caught fish taken on mullet bait, with the south Jersey version of the "doodlebug" a favorite device. (This is a cork-body arrangement that floats the bait above the sand bottom, presumably so fish can see it better.)

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