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The Question: Professional baseball has taken much of the interest from college baseball. Will pro football do the same to college football?
Jimmy Jemail
October 24, 1955
RED BARBER, Scarborough, N.Y.Sportscaster"No. In our time major college football will be tops. It's such a big business that the big schools will do everything to hold their crowds. The college game has a fanatical following. The pros are perfect but cold. People like to watch them but they can take or leave them."
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October 24, 1955

The Question: Professional Baseball Has Taken Much Of The Interest From College Baseball. Will Pro Football Do The Same To College Football?

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SAMMY BAUGH, Abilene, Texas
Coach, Hardin-Simmons University
"No. Professional football depends on college football. The pro game would die without the colleges, which, in a sense, take the place of the baseball farms. Professional football scouts do not sign college players until their classes graduate. In baseball they do."

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