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The Question: Is the dog really man's best friend?
Jimmy Jemail
October 31, 1955
HAROLD M. FLORSHEIM, Chicago President, Florsheim Shoe Co. "One of the best. He never questions your motives, is there when you want his company and is content to lie at your feet until your mood changes. A dog's friendship is so loyal that it has been called 'blind.' He has even been known to lick the hand that beats him."
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October 31, 1955

The Question: Is The Dog Really Man's Best Friend?

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Manager, Sheraton
Biltmore Hotel
"It depends on the dog owner. If he's a man I whom people don't like I and who shrinks from I their company, a dog can be his best friend. The dog is the only one who will tolerate him. Conversely, a dog on a leash is often a good introduction. Many men have met their wives that way."

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