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December 26, 1955
SPORTSMAN OF THE YEAR: THE PATIENT CHAMP Sirs:If SI's Sportsman of the Year is to be judged on courage, skill and sincerity, then please let me nominate Carmen Basilio, world's welterweight champion. He has exhibited all of these qualities in his patient waiting for a crack at the champ, and then by whipping him decisively in their first bout here in Syracuse. Only three days ago he proved his greatness by knocking out DeMarco again, after taking the best blows Tony could dish out.FRANK LOEW Syracuse, N.Y.
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December 26, 1955

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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Upper Montclair, N.J.

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Coshocton, Ohio

?For more yule tidings in frammis, see page 8.—ED

Perhaps you have had enough and would like to cry halt to letters regarding the recent article (SI, Nov. 21) Charlie and the Boys.

I know of no racing class of sail boats from Sailfish up to Twelve-Meters that does not or has not fulfilled a proper purpose in the sport of yachting. Far be it from me to decry any class because I am sure they all have topnotch skippers, good sportsmen and ardent followers, each of whom no doubt thinks his class is the best in the world or the best for his particular circumstances or locality.

However, I was particularly struck with the last paragraph of Garry Hoyt's letter in your recent issue. He said: "Thus, success in the Star class has only limited validity as an index of sailing skill...Should Champion de Cardenas care to discover where he really stands he might try some races without the high-priced help of Kurush V. My suggestion would be that he step from the Stars down to earth and some peasant dinghies where the emphasis is on the sailors and the boats are all the same."

Having read this statement over the weekend I noted with some interest in Monday morning's New York Times the heading "O'GORMAN SCORES IN DINGHY REGATTA AT LARCHMONT." The article says: "Pat O'Gorman—a Star class stalwart during warm weather—gained a 5-point victory sailing Pamela assisted by his wife Alice..." There were 36 entries, and I looked over the summaries and noted the following: Pat O'Gorman, the winner, was 2nd in the Star North American championship this year and he won the spring championship a couple of years back. Alice, his crew in the Stars as well as dinghies, is Fleet Secretary of the Central Long Island Sound Star Fleet. Other current or former Star skippers in the Larchmont summary are: Arthur Knapp, who took 4th, formerly Star world's champion; Corny Shields and Howard McMichael, both well known in the Star class; Brud Farrand, current Atlantic Coast Star champion and Howard Walden Jr., winner of the Captain's Island Star Race last year and member of the Star judiciary board.

A bit of Olympic history in the dinghies shows that Star skippers have stepped most successfully "down from the Stars to earth" as Mr. Hoyt suggests they do....

Charlie de Cardenas has had vast experience all over the world and is no newcomer to the sport. Twenty-five years ago when he started racing Stars he was also racing Six-Meters. It has taken a quarter of a century of hard plugging for him to reach the top in the Star class. He therefore knows how tough it is and might easily be pardoned for holding a private opinion that nothing else can match it for tough going.

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