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Big Play
April 28, 2008
WHO Boo Weekley
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April 28, 2008

Big Play

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Boo Weekley

78-yard wedge to two feet

571-yard par-5 15th hole at Harbour Town

Final round of the Verizon Heritage

Weekley succeeds because he creates positive images in his head and plays to them. At address he rarely looks at the ball. Instead he spends most of his time looking at the target, even while taking practice swings, visualizing the shot he wants. Then he fires away. There's no clutter in Weekley's head, making him perhaps the least-stressed player on Tour. But Weekley is such a homebody that he could become a star and then retire in his prime, like Byron Nelson.

Lock in Distances On a Pitching Track

On a range, I make a straight line with nine targets sitting 20 to 100 yards away at 10-yard intervals. The idea is to hit each target on the fly, although a more realistic goal is to land (not stop) the ball within six feet on either side of the four closest targets and within nine feet for the rest. Do this in a backyard or a field by modifying the distances to fit the space available.

Craig Shankland teaches at the Maroon Creek Club in Aspen, Colo..