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March 05, 1956
A PHALANX OF MOOCHERS Sirs:The height of the golden era of West Coast football, 1925, was also the year of my graduation from the University of Washington (SI, Feb. 20). That the once proud Husky football squad has turned into a row of mendicants with their begging bowls outstretched is a sickening spectacle. It may be true that a player "maintaining required proficiency in his studies able to devote the hours he must spend on his on-campus job to his studies" but academic proficiency hardly necessitates holiday trips for his sister, himself and his wife, free theater tickets and a car because he had a new baby. These are no less than handouts to a phalanx of moochers and I am ashamed of and for them.ALICE BENNETTS McBYDE Washington, D.C.
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March 05, 1956

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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Ed Lamy himself is still around and well, the same is true of Jack Shea of Lake Placid to whom Mr. McMasters also referred.
Saranac Lake, N.Y.

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