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Harry Phillips
December 24, 1956
This is SPORTS ILLUSTRATED'S first Christmas Bonus Issue. With it our editors have tried to create an opportunity at the close of the year to wrap up in one package a number of special holiday offerings which they might otherwise be unable to present in separate weekly issues.
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December 24, 1956

Memo From The Publisher

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Rather naturally, in thinking of it, I have been reminded of some facts on the year drawing to a close. With this issue we have reported on more than 100 sports in more than 3,000 editorial pages. The volume of our advertising pages has been growing too and is 50% higher than in 1955. Circulation now approaches 700,000, more than 50% beyond the base figure with which SPORTS ILLUSTRATED began its career in August 1954. In fact, we have grown in all areas, and we continue to grow. So the future is something we face with eagerness—and we hope you do too.

But right now is the present, certainly the time (and this issue the place) to wish you a tried-and-true two-in-one greeting—from everyone on SPORTS ILLUSTRATED:


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