SI Vault
Compiled by Mort Lund
December 24, 1956
SPOT TO SKI: MT. BAKER'Elevation 4,300 to 5,000 feet; average snowfall '50 to 75 feet; usual snow cover 25 feet; skiers last year 44,000; season November 1 to July 30
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December 24, 1956

Snow Patrol

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Dutch Hill, Vt.: Good snowfall provided fine base. CR 200, SN 10.

Mad River, Vt.: Opening day last weekend found only Porkupine Trail skiable, with hay covering rough and bare spots. TD 4-10, BD 3-10, CR 75, SN 6.

Bromley, Vt.: Only Lord's Prayer open last week. TD 10-12, BD 8-10, CR 125, SN 13.

Bosquets, Mass.: Artificial snow kept skiers going on Russell slope over weekend when adjacent fields were closed. BD 6, CR 900.

Whiteface, N.Y.: Skiing off upper highway only. TD 14-18, BD 0, SN 4-10.

Belknap, N.H.: Thin base wore down under weekend crowd. Northland metal skis seen here for first time. TD 3-8, BD 1-6, Red Hat 3-6, bare spots. CR 750, SN 9.

Mt. Tremblant, Que.: Only north side trails open last weekend. TD 3-8, BD 2-6, Sissy Schuss 3-7, CR 40, SN 5-6.

Other Spots: Lac Beauport, Que.: lifts running small crowd, thin cover; Mt. Jasper, Que. Novice slope open, trails closed. Cannon Mt., N.H.: no skiing; Cranmore, N.H.: lower Ski-mobile running; Black Mt., only J bar running, skiing fair; Intervale: will operate daily after Dec. 22; Jiminy Peak, Mass. saving cover for holiday crowd; Pico Peak, Vt. closed last weekend; Okemo, Vt. closed last weekend.

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