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December 17, 1956
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December 17, 1956

New Facilities Across The Nation

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Rib Mountain, Wausau, Wis.: Birch Run intermediate slope, and beginners' slope both completed.


Sugarloaf Mt., Kingfield, Maine: 2,600-foot T bar, vertical rise 950 feet, capacity 450 skiers, has been added to previous installation, giving total length of 6,240 feet with 1,800-foot rise. Lodge at bottom of slope has been enlarged to twice original size. New Tote Road run is 2� miles long.

Titcomb Memorial Slope, Farmington, Maine: 1,300-foot Pomalift with 279-foot vertical rise, capacity 800 per hour. New lights installed making possible night skiing three times a week.

Bousquet's Ski Area, Pittsfield, Mass.: 2,500-foot T bar, vertical rise of 400 feet, capacity 1,200. $150,000 spent to renovate buildings, widen slopes, cut new trails and install artificial snow-making equipment capable of covering 400,000 square feet when temperature drops below 30�.

Otis Ridge, Mass.: Pomalift 1,400 feet long, rising 345 feet with 750 capacity.

Belknap Mt., Gilford, N.H.: 3,200-foot chair renovated, Stonebar novice trail widened, two new trails cut out, ski shop enlarged, beginners' rope tow moved and lengthened 300 feet.

Black Mt., Jackson, N.H.: J bar extended 500 feet, new trail cut between Spruce and Sugar Bush.

Cannon Mt., Franconia, N.H.: trails now link with Mittersill Ski Area.

Dartmouth Skiway, Lyme, N.H.: 3,700-foot Poma, vertical rise 950 feet, capacity 800, and 1,000-foot rope tow with 250-foot vertical rise, both servicing trails on Holt's Ledge; also has base lodge: total cost of new area $175,000. This new area is for Dartmouth students primarily, but is open to the public.

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