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YOU SHOULD KNOW: If you are going to the great new National Automobile Show
December 10, 1956
The National Automobile a Big League event, a social phenomenon curiously and peculiarly American. For sheer interest and display it is a Broadway theater opening, a title boxing match, a pennant baseball game, a Presidential inauguration, and the first day of Congress all thrown into one.—THE LITERARY DIGEST, Jan. 13, 1934
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December 10, 1956

You Should Know: If You Are Going To The Great New National Automobile Show

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For the first time, a supercharger (see page 57) is standard equipment on a production car (the Golden Hawk, below). The McCulloch five-pound boost, full pressure blower can ram 30% more fuel and air into combustion chamber. Limited-slip differential reduces wheel spin on slick surfaces. Golden Hawk 289-cu.-in. V-8 engine produces 275 hp; Silver Hawk V-8, 210 hp (optional: 225 hp); Silver Hawk six-cylinder: 185 cu. in., 101 hp. PR: $1,954 to $2,912.

Basic style continues. A new V-8 engine is added to the improved 6. The V-8, with 250-cu.-in. displacement, 8:1 compression ratio, delivers 190 hp. The 6, a 195-cu.-in., 8.25:1 model, produces 125 hp—135 hp with optional dual-throat carburetor. Coming next spring: the Rambler Rebel, a high-performance four-door hardtop with electronic Bendix aviation-sired 255-hp, fuel-injection V-8. It bows at show. Above: hardtop station wagon. PR: $1,757 to $2,442.

Drastically restyled from hooded headlights to upthrust tail fins. New Fury "301" engine with power pack, available on all models, is a 301-cu.-in., 235-hp V-8 with 8.5:1 compression ratio. Standard "301," on Belvedere, Savoy and Suburban models, produces 215 hp. Plaza models deliver 197 hp with 277-cu.-in. V-8, 132 hp with six-cylinder engines. Distinctive high-performance Fury model is rated at 290 hp. Above: Belvedere sedan. PR: $1,704 to $2,187.

Moderate restyling conceals engineering advances, which include variable-rate coil springing that automatically adjusts for road conditions (standard) and limited-slip differential (optional at additional expense). Three more powerful engines are utilized: a 289-cu.-in., 210-hp V-8 for Presidents, 259-cu.-in., 180-hp V-8 for Commanders and 185-cu.-in., 101-hp six-cylinder for Champions. V-8 compression ratio: 8.3:1. Below: President Classic. PR: $1,823 to $2,433.

Like Nash, Hudson cut prices for 1957 ($229 to $375). Cars are 2 inches lower, have new 327-cu.-in., 255-hp V-8 engine with 9:1 compression ratio, four-barrel carburetor, dual exhausts. Kingpin-type front suspension is replaced by steering knuckle assembly. Body and frame are of one-unit construction. Reclining seats and bed combination are standard on custom models. Padded dashboard is standard. Above: Hollywood hardtop. PR: $2,520 to $2,781.

First of this famed but in recent years hard-hit make to be assembled in South Bend, Ind. under Studebaker-Packard's consolidation plan, the 1957 Packard will make its debut at the show but will not go to dealers until mid-January. Clipper sedan (above), which strongly resembles standard Studebakers, will be 2 inches lower, 300 pounds lighter. Sales concentration will be in medium-price field. Price and engineering details have not yet been announced.

Minor restyling utilizes new dual headlights, but big news is price cut ($236 to $331). Nash and Hudson are only makes dropping prices in face of industry-wide markup. Nashes are 2 inches lower, have more powerful 327-cu.-in., 255-hp V-8 engine with 9:1 compression ratio and four-barrel carburetor. Unitary, body-frame construction, travel beds, padded dash panels are continued. Below: Ambassador Country Club hardtop. PR: $2,520 to $2,781.

Built in England, Metropolitan is American Motors' bid for the small-car market. It is available either as convertible or hardtop. Dimensions: over-all length—149� in.; height—54� in.; wheelbase—85 in.; width—61� in. Its new four-cylinder Austin A-50 engine, with overhead valves, 90-cu.-in. displacement and 7.2:1 compression ratio produces 52 hp at 4,500 rpm. Standard manual gearshift. Price: $1,527 (hardtop, above), $1,551 (convertible) f.o.b. port of entry.

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