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The Question: Is an athletic background an asset for a political candidate? (Asked at the conference of governors in Atlantic City, N.J.)
Jimmy Jemail
October 29, 1956
GOVERNOR ROBERT B. MEYNER New Jersey It could be an asset if the candidate had been a great quarterback. But a quarterback calls the plays. He has brains. However, success in athletics doesn't guarantee success in politics, which is more akin to scholastic attainment and professional or business success.
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October 29, 1956

The Question: Is An Athletic Background An Asset For A Political Candidate? (asked At The Conference Of Governors In Atlantic City, N.j.)

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Yes. Athletics bring out the best in a man. He learns to take defeat with a smile and victory modestly. Governor A. B. (Happy) Chandler was Commissioner of Baseball, and being associated with our national pastime could do nothing but help and even advance his political career.

Yes, because most people are interested in sports. I was a quarterback at Minnesota. People often talk with me about those wonderful old games. Minnesota is a great sports state. I enjoy both hunting and fishing, and I have done a lot of work on our conservation program.

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