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Don Parker
October 29, 1956
It hardly seemed possible, but another college football season had reached the halfway point, and now the ranks of the spotless leaders were growing thin. On a weekend of particularly heavy casualties, Ohio State, Texas Christian, Mississippi and Miami bit the dust. None was humiliated, to be sure, and only Miami—in its tie with a previously undistinguished Georgia team—showed that its ranking required a reappraisal. Oklahoma, with this week's Notre Dame game as the single small cloud on the horizon of another impeccable season, performed according to habit by stampeding over Kansas. Michigan State made Notre Dame look tamer than ever. Tennessee and Georgia Tech simply disposed of some neighboring opposition at their leisure. As expected, the major skirmish of the week took place in the Southwest, where Texas Christian and Texas A&M fought out a decision that must almost certainly decide the championship of the Southwest. As few expected, Texas A&M won it in a contest that was nearly as stormy as the Texas weather in which it was played, which included winds as high as 90 miles per hour.
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October 29, 1956

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Puget Sd. 20, Cent. Wash. 12
East. Wash. 27, Pac. Luth. 7
Whitworth 21, British Col. 13
Cal. Aggies 14, Santa Bar. 6
Lewis, Clark 28, Chico St. 26
Humboldt St. 20, W. Wash. 13
San Jose St. 27, San Diego St .27
Fresno St. 28, San Fran. St. 0

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