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Don Parker
October 01, 1956
In days gone by, the first week of football was the occasion for the haves to sharpen their skills against the have-nots, who submitted docilely in exchange for the chance to appear in the large, unfamiliar stadiums of the famous. But times have changed and the "breather" is now an almost forgotten relic of the game. Now the opener is the rough one—the big intersectional contest where reputations frequently crumble before the season is scarcely underway, and new giants occasionally spring up overnight—to everyone's surprise except their own.
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October 01, 1956

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Baylor looked quick but uncertain while beating California 7-6 in a fumbling contest at Berkeley. The Texans were handed their winning score in the second period when Gus Gianulias, California quarterback, fumbled on his own 10, and Baylor recovered. Quarterback Doyle Traylor, on the split-T option, lateraled low to Left Halfback Del Shofner. The ball bounced twice before landing in Shofner's hands, and then he scooted 10 yards around end for the score. Cal looked strong but slow and indicated it could be rough on anybody through the air. The Golden Bears threw 25 passes, completed 17, one for the touchdown. Best Cal pass play of the day, good for 19 yards and a touchdown, went from young Quarterback Joe Contestabile to Norm Becker in the end zone, but the play was called back for holding.

Dick Bass, the sophomore who was a California high school phenomenon before enrolling at College of Pacific, lived up to lavish pre-season predictions as the Tigers trounced Colorado A&M 39-14. Bass carried the ball 13 times for 122 yards, caught two passes, for 19 and 26 yards (both set up TDs) and scored twice on runs of 26 and six yards.

San Jose State beat Drake 26-7, completing 18 passes in 30 attempts, while the Washington Huskies, under new coach Darrell Royal, slapped a distressed Idaho team 53-21. Washington employed two sets of equally effective backs and, for the most part, substituted by platoons throughout the game.

Other scores:

Montana State 33, North Dakota 13
Idaho State 20, Nevada 6
Oregon 35, Colorado 0
Whitworth 21, Willamette 0

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