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September 03, 1956
FOOTBALL CRISIS (CONT.)Sirs:The College Football Crisis (SI, Aug. 6 and 13) is a constructive effort to improve college athletics and college football in particular. Much has been said and written in haste condemning the sport and those connected with it. In contrast, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED probed the core of the problem, exposing the "evils" to be more in the nature of errors in judgment. You have advanced a solution which thinking men will realize to be correct.
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September 03, 1956

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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For Pat's information, Hollywood Park's track is made of sandy loam with much mulch worked into it to give it life and spring. It has a three-inch cushion on a firm, even base. The management constantly works with a track committee appointed by the horsemen to keep the racing strip as closely as possible to the way the majority of them want it, although Pat well knows, as do all turf writers, that no two horsemen have ever yet agreed on what a perfect race track should be.

The real questions that trouble Pat are: How good is Swaps and could he possibly be better than Lynch's pet, Nashua? Measured by time, Swaps must be pretty good, although time is not too important an item, we'll admit. Swaps smashed world records right and left at Hollywood Park but I'll be the first to say that he did it under the most ideal fast track conditions. The chief measuring rod of a horse's class is: Whom did he beat?

In writing of what he appreciates in Thoroughbreds, Pat said, "Long ago men must have sensed futility in their own quest for perfection and found expression for that hunger in the horse. The combination of heart, speed and stamina in a horse has always been their goal." To which all of us who admire Thoroughbreds and enjoy racing say amen.

Please, Pat, stick to noble sentiments like these and lay off our race tracks.
Hollywood Turf Club

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