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The Question: What sport attracts the most unsportsmanlike fans?
Jimmy Jemail
August 20, 1956
DICK CHEWNING Whittier, Calif. Companyvice-presidentIf horse racing is regarded as a sport, and I assume it is, that's it. Why? Because there's no sportsmanship in the pastime. The spectators are there just to bet, as they would on a roulette wheel. I know one exception, my father, a real sportsman of the old horse racing set.
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August 20, 1956

The Question: What Sport Attracts The Most Unsportsmanlike Fans?

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Ambassador to the U.S.
All sports attract percentages of people who are not sportsmen. You wouldn't call it sportsmanlike to burn down the stadium after a soccer match. It's happened. And it's not in the interest of soccer to kill the referee or blow up the city. Amateur sports are less guilty.

Natchitoches, La.
radio station KNOC
We have a detached viewpoint in Natchitoches, the oldest town in the Louisiana Purchase. We feel that where gambling is the primary urge, unsportsmanlike fans will gather. At a prize fight a man with a $25 bet will yell: "Kill the bum" and mean it. He's a gambler, not a sport.

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