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Dorothy Stull
July 16, 1956
1 Cargo nets.Any way I tried to go, it was hard climbing.
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July 16, 1956

Over The Hurdles With The Author

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11 Balance maze.
The trick is to balance on a plank about six inches wide which, just as I got balanced, turned at a 90� angle. Mostly a psychological problem.

12 Rappel roof.
I tried to pull myself up one side and let myself down the other, but I left skin on the rope.

13 Tightrope.
The guide ropes are supposed to help. My ego got me out there, but Bonnie brought me back.

14 Parallel bars.
I clutched a bar in each hand and tried to push myself off the ground. My protesting wrists shook as if I had palsy, and I was happy to quit.

15 Climbing wall.
Everyone else climbed except me, but their safety depended on the rope around my waist, which gouged a groove in my middle. I knew what the sideshow lady who is sawed in two must feel like.

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