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Now for beginners: Don Carter answers 13 questions
Don Carter
November 18, 1957
Q. Is it true that anyone can bowl?
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November 18, 1957

Now For Beginners: Don Carter Answers 13 Questions

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Q. You mean I could learn the game that soon?

A. You probably will bowl between 50 and 100 your first game. Your improvement after that will depend upon how much time and effort you are willing to spend practicing.

Q. What do you consider a good average?

A. The American Bowling Congress, which has more than 2 million members—all league bowlers whose scores are computed weekly—reports that the national average is 154. My guess is that if they developed a smooth delivery, based on the principles I set down in this SPORTS ILLUSTRATED series, most twice-a-week bowlers would average at least 180. Women would score about 10 pins less. I consider these good averages. To bowl on a top major league team, however, you would have to average 200.

Q. How long is the bowling season?

A. Air-conditioning and automatic pin-setting machines have practically eliminated seasons in bowling. Today it is a yearlong, around-the-clock sport. A so-called winter league usually starts in early September and continues 35 or 36 weeks, well into May, when summer league competition begins for 11 or 12 weeks. If there is no spot in a league now, I suggest that you learn the fundamentals and enroll for summer competition.

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