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19th HOLE: THE READERS take over
November 18, 1957
SPORTSMAN OF THE YEARSirs:I say that our ideal sportsman must have all those qualities which we admire in great men in addition to those we admire in athletes. Specifically, he must have intelligence, not specialized intelligence but the kind of creative intelligence which produced the Marshall Plan, the polio vaccine and similar creations which reflect human wisdom given to the service of mankind; he must have high moral character, that which distinguishes the man restrained by law and the man governed in his actions, from the meanest to the greatest, by a conscience which is unyielding in its ethical directives; and he must have real initiative, the kind which pushes a man to better himself for no reason than self-satisfaction, not the kind of prostituted initiative which produces money-making schemes only. Your magazine has given us a sordid picture of such initiative: the IBC.
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November 18, 1957

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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Are you suggesting that A. B. (Bull) Hancock is the owner of Nashua (SI, Oct. 28)? You're wrong. Nashua is the property of a syndicate headed by Leslie Combs II and is now standing at Combs's Spendthrift Farm in Lexington, Ky.
Dayton, Ohio

?Right. Mr. Hancock negotiated the purchase of Nashua's sire, Nasrullah, for his Claiborne Farm, and Nashua (then the property of the late William Woodward Sr.) was foaled there. But at the 1955 Woodward dispersal sale Hancock was underbidder to fellow kentuckian Leslie Combs II. Nasrullah, however, recently did well by Bull Hancock when another of his sons, Nadir, captured The Garden State (SI, Nov. 4) and rewarded his owner with a check for $155,047.50—the largest winning purse of 1957.—ED.

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