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November 04, 1957
Already the collegiate football season was half over. Whole teams had been downed by Asian flu, and as usual there had been the injuries—serious and temporary—to key players. Still, the big news was that no one recalled a year when the form chart suffered so many bruises. Last week—football's sixth—was no exception as such top dogs as Oklahoma, Michigan State, Duke and Iowa barely escaped with their hides, while Mississippi and Syracuse, among others, left the temple of the unbeaten.
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November 04, 1957

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ROSE BOWL: Ohio State (3-0) vs. Oregon (4-0)
COTTON BOWL: Texas A & M (2-0) vs. Army
SUGAR BOWL: Auburn (3-0) vs. Mississippi (3-0)
ORANGE BOWL: Oklahoma (3-0) vs. Duke (4-0-1)

CHILLER: a snowstorm made bench-warming difficult for Iowa subs, but first team heated up enough to nick Northwestern 6-0.

DRUMMED OUT: Harvard bandsmen used instruments to prevent Dartmouth swiping huge drum. But Harvard lost game 26-0.


Nebraska, during the first quarter of its 13-14 loss to Missouri, was caught in a sequence of pictures showing how to run the perfect pass play. Cornhuskers had ball on their 41-yard line and started from their split-T formation. Tigers were defending them with a basic 4-4-3—almost an eight-man line as three linebackers plugged up the middle a step or so from scrimmage and corner back (33) moved up alongside his right end. As Quarterback Roy Stinnett (22) took the ball from center he moved to his right, faking a handoff to Fullback Jerry Brown (35). Linebacker Don Chadwick (66), smelling the direction of the play, beckons toward the possible hole. Meanwhile, the two Nebraska ends, Michael Lee (82) and Roger Brede (83), are momentarily checked by the defensive ends, Dale Pidcock (86) and Bill McKinney (83). The key to the play at this point is that no Nebraska linemen except the ends have moved downfield, so a pass must be brewing. Yet, all but three Missouri defenders went for the fake run, leaving Stinnett with ample protection as he faded back to throw. Ends Lee and Brede were now downfield, with Lee in the clear, free of Missouri's three deep men (21, 35 and 10) and retreating End McKinney. He saw the pass coming and stopped, BUT...the pass was too long, sailing into hands of Don Mason (10), Missouri, whose momentum carried him past Lee, and as interference quickly formed he returned ball to Nebraska 46-yard line.

REVIVED: John Crow (44), Texas A&M's great halfback now recovered from early knee injury, leads them to 14-0 win over Baylor by taking pitchout for 16-yard gain to Baylor 3.

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