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August 19, 1957
FITNESS: FULLHEARTED SUPPORTSirs:Congratulations to SPORTS ILLUSTRATED and Bonnie Prudden for such excellent reporting (U.S. Fitness, 1957. SI, Aug. 5).
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August 19, 1957

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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In the August 5th issue we came across a cartoon of a judge telling a law violater that if he is brought before the court once more he will be sentenced to three days in Griffith Stadium. Now I might be taking the joke the wrong way, but I am a fan of the Washington ball club and, if the cartoon was supposed to be a quiet insult to the Senators, I don't think it was called for at all.

If the joke had been printed at the beginning of the season, when Washington was in the middle of a losing streak, I might have laughed at it. But right now, when the team seems to be finding itself and playing very good ball, I think the man who wrote the joke ought to be fired. With Roy Sievers at his peak, Jim Lemon going strong and with Ed Yost back in the lineup slugging again, you can sentence us all to Griffith Stadium for the rest of the year.
Washington, D.C.

Congratulations to SPORTS ILLUSTRATED and Les Woodcock for the fine article on Paul Richards and his Baltimore Orioles, (The Makeshift Marvels, SI, July 29). The public of Baltimore could use someone like Mr. Woodcock to show them what kind of a man Richards really is. I, for one, am tired of reading the trash that has been coming out in the Baltimore papers regarding him.

Quite a bit of the dirt which has been spread about Mr. Richards has turned some of his most ardent fans against him. Your story will send many people back on his band wagon.

I'm sure that in Paul Richards we have one of the best managers in baseball. However, we feel even better when we are backed by such sports authorities as you.

This letter is being written of my own volition, unknown to Dad [ Dr. Shane MacCarthy, Executive Director of the President's Council of Youth Fitness].

Your publisher, Mr. Harry Phillips, said in his memo of Aug. 5, "the pace [of solutions to the physical fitness problem] has been slow, marked by intermissions which at times suggested the whole thing was about to be filed in a time capsule."

One reason why you haven't seen any electrifying results is because while Dad has encountered countless hordes of rapt listeners, they all go away with a "gee, it's interesting stuff, but it doesn't apply to me" feeling.

Dorothy Stull, in her very well-written and logically presented article, A Measure of Fitness, comments that many of Dad's listeners "have been bewildered and frustrated by his failure to offer specific recommendations." But this "fitness" concept is a new gun which never before has been used on a nationwide scale and Dad would be foolish to fire it point-blank without first learning about its mechanism and range.

?Apprised by SPORTS ILLUSTRATED of this letter from his son (who is a 19-year-old sophomore at Holy Cross), Shane Sr. was as pleased with the sentiments as he was surprised at their being expressed at all.—ED.

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