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Charles Goren Gives You: 24 TIPS ON CRIBBAGE...AND 16 PROBLEMS
December 02, 1957
Any one of the following 24 tips may be enough to win a game for you.
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December 02, 1957

Charles Goren Gives You: 24 Tips On Cribbage...and 16 Problems

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Holding all low cards may help your opponent control two goes.

Consider the cards opponent plays as clues to the other cards he is likely to have kept.

With choice of plays, select the one which gives your opponent the vaguest clue to your hand.

The following situations occur in the early or middle game with no great discrepancy in the score. In each of the following examples, which cards would you lay away i) to your own crib; ii) to opponent's crib...

Q with 10-9-8-7-7-6?

A i) 10-9. ii) 10-6. Each retains the double run but puts near cards in your own crib, wide cards in opponent's to lessen likelihood of run.

Q with J-9-5-2-2-A?

A i) J-5. This costs you a 15, as compared with laying away 2-2, but it takes advantage of the likelihood your opponent will throw 10-point cards and leaves you with a fine chance to improve if starter is any card but 7 or 8.

ii) 9-A. You cannot consider laying away either the 5 or the pair of deuces. You leave yourself 4 points and hope the starter will be 2, 3, 8 or any 10-point card.

Q with 9-7-4-3-2-A?

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