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Charles Goren Gives You: 24 TIPS ON CRIBBAGE...AND 16 PROBLEMS
December 02, 1957
Any one of the following 24 tips may be enough to win a game for you.
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December 02, 1957

Charles Goren Gives You: 24 Tips On Cribbage...and 16 Problems

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A i) K-2. It is difficult to prescribe an exact answer, but the point here is to hold the best playing combination, ignoring all other considerations. Dealer cannot hope to get to show his hand and must score 4 points in play while preventing his opponent from doing so.

ii) 7-2. Non-dealer leaves himself a hand with wide cards that will enable him to play "off" but he cannot afford to strip himself of a count that will ensure winning the game even if he fails to score a point in the play. He hopes that this may turn out to be one of those deals in which only go will be scored. However, he has a perfect lead, the 4, and a good chance for 15 if dealer plays a 10-point card.

Q N leads 4. What should dealer play from: K-7-2-A?

A The K. In order to score for 15, his opponent will have to play ace. Dealer will retaliate with ace scoring 2 for pair and with 7-2 remaining he stands a reasonable chance of controlling the go and winning the game.

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