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September 21, 1959
Deficient in muscle power, the East has old rivalries, color
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September 21, 1959

The East

Deficient in muscle power, the East has old rivalries, color

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Annapolis, Md.
Colors: Blue and gold

THE DOPE: The Middies are counting on a couple of guys named Joe—Quarterback Tranchini and Halfback Bellino. Tranchini's hand-to-hand guided passes hit their target 57% of the time. Bellino led the receivers with 19 grabs and when carrying the ball gained 4.2 yards a try. That's not all. There is yet another Joe—Fullback Matalavage—and he thundered ahead with a 6.7-yard rushing average. Then, too, there is Halfback Roland Brandquist, who equaled Bellino's rushing mark and also caught 17 passes. New Coach Wayne Hardin will go along with the plans of his predecessor, Eddie Erdelatz, for two-platooning. He will also retain the multiple offense installed late last season. Under the platoon system each of two units will be sprinkled with comparable talent, and each will play about half of every quarter. Captain Jim Dunn will be the defensive stanchion as the Middies sail into an accelerated 10-game schedule.

SCHEDULE (1958 Scores)
1958 Record: Won 6, lost 3, tied 0

SEPT. 19 at Boston College (no game)
SEPT. 26 William & Mary (14-0)
OCT. 3 at SMU (no game)
OCT. 10 Syracuse at Norfolk (no game)
OCT. 16 at Miami, N (no game)
OCT. 24 at Pennsylvania (50-8)
OCT. 31 at Notre Dame (20-40)
NOV. 7 Maryland at Baltimore (40-14)
NOV. 14 George Washington (28-8)
NOV. 28 Army at Philadelphia (6-22)

Durham, N.H.
Colors: Blue and white

THE DOPE: The Wildcats have two-thirds (16 of 24) of their lettermen back from a squad that won one-fourth (two of eight) of its encounters. Coach Clarence (Chief) Boston is counting on another good effort from Tackle Don Trimble and may have to switch him to guard to lead the sweeps out of the wing T. If Sam Paul, a snappy passer, can overcome play-calling difficulties, and if the Wildcats can come up with some grabby ends, the offense will be better balanced. It appears, though, there will be a shortage of receivers, throwing the bulk of the work on Halfbacks Johnny Robes, a breakaway whiz with a 6.1-yard rushing mark, and Danny Ruskiewicz, a hard driver with a 3.9-yard average. At fullback will be Joe Vaillancourt. Sophomore Halfbacks Dick Mezquita and Charlie Beach will provide valuable speed. Some early wins are needed, and if this happens the Wildcats could win about one half of their games.

SCHEDULE (1958 Scores)
1958 Record: Won 2, lost 6, tied 0

SEPT. 26 Northeastern (0-12)
OCT. 3 at Rhode Island (13-20)
OCT. 10 Maine (0-14)
OCT. 17 at Delaware (14-36)
OCT. 24 Brandeis (18-8)
OCT. 31 at Connecticut (0-34)
NOV. 7 at Springfield (43-20)
NOV. 14 Massachusetts (24-25)

Colors: Red and blue

THE DOPE: The Quakers' coach, Steve Sebo, has his work cut out for him, and he will be puffing away trying to assemble offensive and defensive lines. His backs should generate enough drive to score consistently if the slow-moving linemen can pull out fast enough to provide interference. Just 10 of 32 lettermen graduated, but only three returnees—Ends Barney Berlinger and Jon Greenawalt and Center Ron Champion—can be counted on for topflight service up front. Directing the wing T traffic will be Larry Purdy, who might do well to junk some of his conservatism for a little more daring. Dave Coffin, sporting a 5.1-yard ball-carrying average, is the fleetest man in the Ivy League. To keep defenders from ganging up on him he will need some help, and this he will get only if Fred Doelling and Jack Hanlon stay healthy. The limb is shaky, yet the prediction is for Penn to have its first winning team since 1951.

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