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September 21, 1959
Fans may not like it, but rugged defenses rule down in Dixie
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September 21, 1959

The South

Fans may not like it, but rugged defenses rule down in Dixie

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SEPT. 19 Catawba, at Charlotte, N.C. N (17-22)
SEPT. 26 Presbyterian (7-6)
OCT. 3 at Citadel, N (8-6)
OCT. 10 at Richmond (22-27)
OCT. 24 at VMI (7-42)
OCT. 31 Wofford (21-20)
NOV. 7 William & Mary (16-7)
NOV. 14 Lehigh (no game)
NOV. 20 at Furman, N (20-22)

Durham, N.C.
Colors: Blue and white

THE DOPE: The Blue Devils will have to use everything, including their pitchforks, in the line if the team is to break even. Coach Bill Murray 's defenders are tough, but with a short-handed backfield and a disastrous schedule they will have to be mighty stingy with opponents' points. There will be more passing, and End Bob Spada will hang on to whatever comes his way. Meanwhile, Jim Gardner helps to ease the way for the ball carriers with his crucial blocks. The man with the press notices is Guard Mike McGee, of whom Murray has said: "He is the greatest lineman I've ever been associated with." That covers a lot of players, for Murray's record is rated among the 10 best for active coaches: 171 wins, 49 losses, 12 ties. He has never had a losing record in eight years at Durham. George Harris, who will direct the club as quarterback, has a little experience. Bunny Bell and Danny Lee will be at the halves.

SCHEDULE (1958 Scores)
1958 Record: Won 5, lost 5, tied 0

SEPT. 19 at South Carolina, N (0-8)
SEPT. 26 at Ohio State (no game)
OCT. 3 Rice (no game)
OCT. 10 at Pittsburgh (no game)
OCT. 17 Army (no game)
OCT. 24 at North Carolina State (20-13)
OCT. 31 at Georgia Tech (8-10)
NOV. 7 at Clemson (no game)
NOV. 14 Wake Forest (29-0)
NOV. 26 North Carolina (7-6)

Gainesville, Fla.
Colors: Orange and blue

THE DOPE: The Fighting Gators have sprung a leak in their defensive wall, and though they won't be flooded by opponents' scores, they will need to do some patching if they are to equal last fall's record. With End Dave Hudson and Guard Asa Cox supplying the main front-line caulking, the first string will be one of the finest in the Southland. However, the need for depth is painfully apparent, particularly at center and right guard. Mickey Ellenburg and Wayne Williamson are the prize holdovers at quarterback. Doug Partin, Jack Westbrook and Don Deal are fast-striking halfbacks and Bob Green a sensational punter in this improved backfield. Green got off an 82-yard boot against Georgia last year. Best of the offensive weapons, though, is Junior Fullback Bob Milby, who stepped off better than five yards at a clip in 1958. Coach Bob Woodruff's team will be hard to stop if the sophomores can plug some of the line gaps.

SCHEDULE (1958 Scores)
1958 Record: Won 6, lost 3, tied 1

SEPT. 18 at Tulane, N (34-14,)
SEPT. 26 Mississippi State (7-14)
OCT. 3 Virginia (no game)
OCT. 10 at Rice, N (no game)
OCT. 17 at Vanderbilt, N (6-6)
OCT. 24 LSU (7-10)
OCT. 31 at Auburn (5-6)
NOV. 7 Georgia at Jacksonville (7-6)
NOV. 21 Florida State (21-7)
NOV. 28 Miami at Jacksonville (12-9)

Tallahassee, Fla.
Colors: Garnet and gold

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