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September 21, 1959
Fans may not like it, but rugged defenses rule down in Dixie
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September 21, 1959

The South

Fans may not like it, but rugged defenses rule down in Dixie

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THE DOPE: The Seminoles have a light, mobile line, a revamped backfield and a new offensive pattern. New Coach Perry Moss, former backfield instructor at Wisconsin, has installed the Finesse Drive attack, a ball-control offense based on the theory of making all plays look indistinguishably alike. Joe Majors, a poor runner and adequate passer, will guide the remains of the Bluegrass Bowl team. For receivers he can count on Fullback Jack Espenship and Tony Romeo, an efficient two-way end. Although he weighs just 165 pounds, Halfback Fred Pickard is a rawhide-tough performer. He recorded a 4.9-yard average, gained 602 yards and just missed the list of top 20 ground-gainers in the nation. Best bet for the other halfback slot is Bud Whitehead, who played briefly but well last fall. The offensive line is light but mobile. If the line holds up, Moss should have a successful first season as a head coach.

SCHEDULE (1958 Scores)
1958 Record: Won 7, lost 3, tied 0

SEPT. 19 Wake Forest, N (27-24)
SEPT. 26 Citadel, N (no game)
OCT. 3 Miami, N (17-6)
OCT. 10 at Virginia Tech (28-0)
OCT. 17 at Memphis State, N (no game)
OCT. 24 Richmond, N (no game)
OCT. 31 at Georgia (13-28)
NOV. 14 William & Mary (no game)
NOV. 21 at Florida (7-21)
NOV. 28 at Tampa, N (43-0)

Greenville, S.C.
Colors: Purple and white

THE DOPE: The Purple Hurricane has been blowing across the Southern Conference recently like a gentle breeze. In the past four seasons Furman has lost 31, won just eight, and there is nothing to indicate improvement. Suffering through it will be Coach Bob King , whose only hope seems to be the quick development of sophomores. Hicky Horton has been converted from fullback to end. but his main value still lies in his linebacking. Billy Baker, armed with the ability to get off short, snappy passes, will be handicapped by a dearth of receivers. Ball-carrying duties will be given to veteran Charlie Gay and Sophomore Gary Morrison, the halfbacks, and Fullback George Angelica. Morrison is the only real breakaway threat. The major hopes in a rather porous defense are Tackle Jim Boroff and Guard Claude Davis. There is a shortage of relief help at the ends and tackles and it looks like another season of ill winds at Greenville.

SCHEDULE (1958 Scores)
1958 Record: Won 2, lost 7, tied 0

SEPT. 19 Presbyterian, N (no game)
SEPT. 26 at South Carolina, N (7-32)
OCT. 2 at Chattanooga, N (no game)
OCT. 10 at William & Mary (no game)
OCT. 17 George Washington, N (8-11)
OCT. 24 at Citadel, (6-24)
NOV. 7 at Wofford, N (40-39)
NOV. 14 at Richmond (no game)
NOV. 20 Davidson, N (22-20)
NOV. 28 Clemson (19-36)

Washington, D.C.
Colors: Buff and blue

THE DOPE: The Colonials, in their effort to move up in the Southern Conference, are using primarily northern talent from Pennsylvania. At spring's end nine of the first string, including the entire backfield, were from the Keystone State. To add local flavor and to put some zip in the passing game, the Colonials called on Eddie LeBaron of the Washington Redskins for advice. Still, Coach Bo Sherman has a lot of unseasoned players to work with, and it will be tough to match, let alone improve on, last year's third-place finish. The line is built around Center Ron DeMelfi. More than one of every five passes "completed" by Quarterback Ed Hino was caught by the opposition—a habit he will have to shake as he aims for his most dependable target, End Bill Smythe. Lou DeSimone hung up a 6.5-yard rushing mark in his limited duty and will join Tom Haly and Jerry Power at the halves. Duane Whetstone will be fullback.

SCHEDULE (1958 Scores)
1958 Record: Won 3, lost 5, tied 0

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