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19TH HOLE: The readers take over
November 23, 1959
UP AND DOWNSirs:I was delighted to read Stephen Birmingham's Up Squash! Down Baseball! (SI, Nov. 9) and be advised that skiing had been downgraded, or was Down, as the author put it. This was the best news any hard-core skier could receive. I sincerely hope all the Bogner-bottomed young things that just have to be seen will now stay home and quit cluttering up the lift lines and slopes and leave skiing to the purists.O. L. SMITH Pontiac, Mich.
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November 23, 1959

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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How gauche can I be? As a Smith alumna (rather a dubious distinction after reading Stephen Birmingham's Up Squash! Down Baseball!), I feel as if I have betrayed my alma mater. Not only did I marry a 230-pound football tackle but a Cornell graduate to boot. The following verse expresses my views on this world-shattering subject:

For years I've borne the title of a Smith alum with pride,
But reading this week's ILLUSTRATED I sat me down and cried.
There was a day when Smith, et al.,
Thought all male schools were on the ball.
Media, Pa.

What a few snobbish females think about which sports good athletes are enjoying hasn't affected our morale so far All we can say is, "To hell with Smith and the Social Ethic!" and, "Long live track, cross-country and those men who are gung ho enough to stay with the sports they love!"
Carnegie Tech

Let it be said at the outset that I am perfectly satisfied with my present sports life—except that we go beagling only on Sunday.

On behalf of a small but dedicated group of swimming enthusiasts of a Cambridge institution hardly worthy of mention, I feel constrained to counter the aquatic aversions of the Smithite. For three years—this being the fourth—I have been delighted to station myself, with a stop watch, before a score of dampened but determined individuals who willingly plod 440 yards just to beat another moist individual with the same intention.

Perhaps if the young lady in question would acquaint herself with the chlorinated water of a swimming pool other than that at Hanover (scene of the accompanying etching), where one practically joins the water-borne contingent, she would find the air clearer.

How come Yale is Up and swimming Down when they are almost synonymous?
Wellesley, Mass.

? Yale's influence is pushing swimming Up, says Stephen Birmingham, but the over-all trend is Down.—ED.

The girls at Smith? The girls' opinion at Smith?

How about the girls at Maryland, or Northwestern, or the girls from Texas, or the millions of other peasant girls all over the country? How about them?

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