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19TH HOLE: The readers take over
November 02, 1959
WILDLIFE: CONSERVATIONSirs:Mr. Knight states that predator-control campaigns sponsored by the Bureau of Biological Survey have aided the return of the pronghorn (The Comeback of the American Antelope, SI, Oct. 19). This may be true, but what Mr. Knight doesn't tell us is how these predators are controlled. For the benefit of Mr. Knight and anyone who doesn't know, the method mainly used in the West is poison baiting, which is the greatest disgrace to wildlife conservation in the history of America. Coyotes and bobcats, which provide sport to countless hunters and trappers, are destroyed by a method that provides sport for no one. Millions of dollars worth of fur bearers as well as innocent game and pets are lost. Surely no one can justify such a waste.THOMAS R. BENINSKY Bloomsburg, Pa.
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November 02, 1959

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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He also beat Rower Robert Dibble who previously had beaten John Kelly.

Mr. Belyea was beaten only once in Canada by a U.S. rower—W. E. Garret Gilmore—in 1924, never by a Canadian.

I am sorry Pop missed the dinner.
Lee, Mass.

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