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October 19, 1959
Seeing Double
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October 19, 1959

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Seeing Double

First off, a rhinoceros won an election in Brazil. Then, almost equally improbably, Los Angeles became the baseball capital of the world, and finally, as the biggest shock of all these hectic days, Sam Snead lost a televised golf match.

The future of Los Angeles and the rhinoceros (a write-in candidate) are now left to your conjecture, but Sam Snead, it can be reported, is going to appear on a new golf program.

The teleshow where Sam found he could make money more easily than printing it himself in the back of his pro shop is All-Star Golf, which started its third year last Saturday on ABC from 5 to 6 p.m.

Snead, channeling his energy, so to speak, had won 13 straight matches and a potful of cash on last year's All-Star series. But last Saturday he was forcefully retired 69-72 by the British Open champion, Gary Player.

Jimmy Demaret mastered the ceremonies of the upset in his easygoing, gregarious fashion, handing Sam $1,000 for losing and Player $2,000 for winning, along with that all-important invitation to come back this week to test himself against a new opponent, Billy Casper. All-Star Golf, which filmed most of its matches some months ago, is still paying $500 for eagles and $10,000 for a hole in one, and has added a one-minute instruction session to make its sedentary watchers feel that their viewing time has improved their game.

But what you may not know is that cameras have also been grinding in recent weeks for a new challenger on the TV golf scene—NBC's World Championship Golf. Starting this Sunday from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m., with Bob Crosby (8 handicap) at the mike, World Championship will give watchers a further round of master golf each weekend.

"We'll be a lot different from The Other Show," a spokesman for NBC's newcomer says. "The Other Show is medal play [total strokes], but ours is match play [holes won].

"We've got top courses—Pebble Beach, Oak Hill, Colonial Country Club. The Other Show's courses, well...

"Our winner gets a total of $37,500, with $25,000 of that being won in the final match of the tournament. That match is the biggest payoff in golf today. Prize money totals $171,000 for the 32 golfers appearing in the series.

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