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Roy Terrell
October 12, 1959
It was a circus on Thursday; on Friday it was baseball. The score was 4-3, the Dodgers won and suddenly people who had been talking about a four-game Chicago sweep remembered that the team winning the first game the last four years had lost the Series.
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October 12, 1959

Game 2: Dodger Homers, White Sox Goof

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"The trouble, as I saw it," said Lopez, "is that Lollar hesitated just before he reached second. He thought maybe Moon would catch the ball." (It was a real try, no bluff on Moon's part.) "And that put the timing of the whole play off just enough. We've been scoring all year from first base on doubles to left. And I don't mean just Aparicio and Landis. Everybody does it. Everybody but Klu. That's the way we play ball."

But, Lopez was reminded, if Lollar had been held up, there would have been runners on second and third with nobody out. And since Lollar did hesitate going into second, thereby fouling up his chance to score, shouldn't Cuccinello have held him at third?

"You'll have to ask Tony about that," said Lopez.

Cuccinello, who has been working with Lopez and waving runners around third base for years, admitted he had goofed. "Lollar was the tying run," he said. "I thought it would take a perfect play to beat him."

The Dodgers, who had been kicking the ball around for two days, had the perfect play when it counted. That's the way they are.

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