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Dan Patrick
May 05, 2008
The Interview Ryan Leaf FORMER CHARGERS QB
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May 05, 2008

Just My Type

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4. Shane Battier
Must be part of the Duke curriculum.

5. Manu Gin´┐Żbili
(above) What is Spanish for flop?

The Commissioner's Take

He's against it. David Stern said on the radio show that he wants to come down hard on the worst offenders: "I would love to review tape and go back and, if you could really be satisfied [that someone flopped], fine and even possibly suspend them." Stern, who brought the idea to the competition committee last year only to see it fail, says, "I think it should be looked at again this year." Please, Commissioner, follow through on this. Floppers are penalized in soccer and hockey. Make it the same in the NBA.

Head Scratcher of the Week

THIS SEASON marks the 50th anniversary of the 1958 Colts-Giants title game, probably the most important game in NFL history. It's also the last season for Yankee Stadium, where the game was played. My question: How in the world did the NFL not find a way to commemorate both milestones this year with a Colts-Giants game at Yankee Stadium? Even if division-versus-division scheduling "rules" wouldn't permit, the teams could still play an August exhibition during a Yanks road trip. Somebody missed the boat.

THE FINE PRINT: Dan Marino gave the commencement address on Sunday at Pitt. But he was disappointed that five other QBs were picked to speak ahead of him.

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